Secular Europe Campaign

The “Secular Europe Campaign” is an annual effort that sees many diverse groups united in demanding an end to religious privileges and asking that the European Institutions must  remain secular.

Starting in 2008, this Campaign has a special focus on the Vatican, given the enormous political and economical power it holds, but aims at representing all the issues around secularism and human rights, including opposition to state-funded faith schools, rejection of  religious tribunals and support to equal rights for LGBT citizens.

We promote:

  • freedom of religion, freedom of conscience and freedom of speech
  • women’s equality and reproductive rights
  • equal rights for LGBT people in all the European Union
  • a secular Europe – democratic, peaceful, open and just, with no privilege for religious or belief organisations
  • one law for all, no religious exemptions from the law
  • state neutrality in matters of religion and belief

We oppose:

  • the privileged status of the churches under Article 17 of the TFEU (Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union)
  • the privileged status of churches in countries where they are established
  • the special status of the Vatican at the United Nations and its economic and political privileges across Europe
  • state-funded religious schools

Pictures shared in the FLICKR GROUP :

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The Great Debate - atheism versus theism - OR naturalist religion versus supernaturalist religion.

Modern Myths - the Theory of Everything.

There probably are no atheists - so choose your god?

The origin of information - an impossible dilemma for atheists

Atheist myths debunked - Abiogenesis - the spontaneous generation of life from sterile matter.


Atheist myths debunked - the universe from nothing.

The rock God can´t create?

Atheism revealed as false - Why god must exist.

The origin of information - a serious dilemma for atheists

Atheist myths debunked - the ´Multiverse

Do you believe in evolution? Do you believe in magic?

Are there many paths to God?

Jiggery Pokery

Atheism is revealed as false - God must exist.


Science, NOT religion, is the real enemy of atheism.

Science and Christianity

When no evidence is evidence ....

The garden path of lies ... evolution.

More pictures and audio recordings are available in the Media page.

In past editions this Campaign has been titled “NO VATICAN – London for a Secular Europe” and was supported by the British Humanist Association, the Central London Humanist Group, the Gay And Lesbian Humanist Association, the National Secular Society,  One Law for All, OutRage!, the Rationalist Association.

Now the list of supporters sees over 90 associations from all over Europe.


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