Charges against Pope for crimes against humanity

TWO GERMAN lawyers have initiated charges against Pope Benedict XVI at the International Criminal Court, alleging crimes against humanity.

Christian Sailer and Gert-Joachim Hetzel, based at Marktheidenfeld in the Pope’s home state of Bavaria, last week submitted a 16,500-word document to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Dr Luis Moreno Ocampo.

Their charges concern “three worldwide crimes which until now have not been denounced . . . (as) the traditional reverence toward ‘ecclesiastical authority’ has clouded the sense of right and wrong”.

They claim the Pope “is responsible for the preservation and leadership of a worldwide totalitarian regime of coercion which subjugates its members with terrifying and health-endangering threats”.

They allege he is also responsible for “the adherence to a fatal forbiddance of the use of condoms, even when the danger of HIV-Aids infection exists” and for “the establishment and maintenance of a worldwide system of cover-up of the sexual crimes committed by Catholic priests and their preferential treatment, which aids and abets ever new crimes”.

They claim the Catholic Church “acquires its members through a compulsory act, namely, through the baptism of infants that do not yet have a will of their own”. This act was “irrevocable” and is buttressed by threats of excommunication and the fires of hell.

It was “a grave impairment of the personal freedom of development and of a person’s emotional and mental integrity”. The Pope was “responsible for its preservation and enforcement and, as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of his Church, he was jointly responsible” with Pope John Paul II.

Catholics “threatened by HIV-AIDS . . . are faced with a terrible alternative: If they protect themselves with condoms during sexual intercourse, they become grave sinners; if they do not protect themselves out of fear of the punishment of sin threatened by the church, they become candidates for death.”

There was also “strong suspicion that Dr Joseph Ratzinger, as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of his church and as Pope, has up to the present day systematically covered up the sexual abuse of children and youths and protected the perpetrators, thereby aiding and abetting further sexual violence toward young people”.

The Irish Times | PATSY McGARRY |  Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pope Accountability

On the Internet site the possibility is now offered to read the charges in book form, to download it free of charge, or to order the book.

Of particular importance is the fact that as many people as possible lend weight to the  concerns of the charges through their support.

Under the heading “Do You Approve” on the website it is possible to add your signature to this effort.

We would like to deliver as many signatures as possible to the Prosecutor at the  International Criminal Court in The Hague.

In the meantime, internationally well-known attorneys, who have represented hundreds of victims of child abuse, have directly contacted the Prosecutor at the ICC in support of our charges under the following adress:

To the Prosecutor
The International Criminal Court
Dr. Luis Moreno Ocampo
Maanweg, 174
NL-2516 AB Den Haag

File number:  OTP-CR-48/11

We know that some people may consider this procedure to be symbolic.
However, in contrast to many other courts of justice, the International Criminal Court in The Hague is not deterred in its prosecution of an offender even when the offender claims immunity as a “head of state.”
For this reason, there is a real chance that the Prosecutor at the ICC will initiate investigations against Joseph Ratzinger.
This chance will, of course, be greatly enhanced the more people express with their signatures the fact that the crimes of child abuse by Joseph Ratzinger’s Catholic Church present a monumental problem worldwide and that it is their hope that investigations will be initiated against Joseph Ratzinger.

Please share this information and the websites with your friends and all concerned. We are very grateful for your support.

Christian Sailer
Gert Hetzel

Verlag Sailer & Hetzel

4 Responses to Charges against Pope for crimes against humanity

  1. Paul King


    The rumblings from India and (especially) Africa, where the Catholic Church is seeing its greatest growth, are growing louder. The news from these places exacerbates our shock and concern: The sexual abuse of children by clergy is now coupled with widespread reports of rapes of nuns — young women recruited from India’s and Africa’s poorest families.

    Sex crimes against women by Catholic clergy may give more credence to ongoing arguments against the celibate priesthood. Daniel Maguire, a now-married former priest and a professor of religious ethics at Marquette University, has wisely observed that “enforced celibacy that is not job-related is such an invitation to pathology.”

    In Africa, however, where Catholic priests often have open heterosexual contact, the church’s ranks are hefty with converts only a few generations removed from the illiterate, poor, uneducated innocents that missionaries first discovered living in tribal communities. Totally unaware of concepts like gender equity or criminal punishment for sexual assault, many of those locals came to a church that offered food, medical care and education in exchange for religious conversion. If there were crimes also committed around them, congregants paid for their survival with their silence.

    The crisis of religious abuse in Africa and India was brought to Rome’s attention in 1998 when a four-page paper titled “The Problem of the Sexual Abuse of African Religious in Africa and Rome” was presented by Sister Marie McDonald, mother superior of the Missionaries of Our Lady of Africa. A March 2001 National Catholic Reporter article detailed McDonald’s claims, which included accounts of sexual abuse by priests and bishops.

    McDonald quoted a vicar general in one African diocese who talked “quite openly” in Rome in 1996 about celibacy in Africa, saying, “Celibacy in the African context means a priest does not get married, but does not mean he does not have children.”

  2. Paul King

    Mexican Inquisition:

    General Inquisitor in Mexico, Don Pedro Moya de Contreras, came from Spain in 1571 to set up officially the Tribunal of the Holy Office of Inquisition there. This court quit functioning in 1820. Hundreds of years of harassment, torture, and death for those who did not share the Catholic beliefs.

    . A man named Don Guillén Lombardo de Guzman was accused of wanting to liberate Mexico. However, the charge brought by the Holy Office for his arrest and trial was for being an astrologer and sectarian heretic of Calvin. During his imprisonment he went out of his mind. Finally he was burned alive at the stake on November 6, 1659.

    The book Inquisition and Crimes, by Don Artemio de Valle-Arizpe, describes that occasion: “They went tying up the culprits, fastening them to the stake with an iron collar around the throat. . . . The holy bonfires of the faith began to burn in a whirlwind of red and black. Don Guillén . . . let himself suddenly drop and the collar that was holding him by the neck strangled him, his body disappearing afterward in the horrifying splendor of the blaze. He left this life after seventeen years of slow and continuous suffering in the somber jails of the Holy Office. The bonfires went dying down little by little, the cardinal red tumult of their flames fading away, and when they became extinguished, only a bright pile of embers was left glowing in the night.”

  3. Paul King

    Catholic professor of history at Vienna University, Friedrich Heer, admitted:
    “In the cold facts of German history, the Cross and the swastika came ever
    closer together, until the swastika proclaimed the message of victory from the
    towers of German cathedrals, swastika flags appeared round altars and Catholic
    and Protestant theologians, pastors, churchmen and statesmen welcomed the
    alliance with Hitler.”

  4. Paul King

    “Adolph Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many where found to exalt his life. Over his dead remains stands his victorious moral figure, with the palm of the martyr; God gives Hitler laurels of victory.”

    Catholic national newspaper in Spain

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