The catholic church does NOTHING to help sex abuse survivors

Sue Cox, at the Protest the Pope March & Rally

I don’t know why I am still amazed by the audacity and duplicity of the catholic church. I refer, of course,  to the announcement that because of the pope’s visit to England last year, more sexual abuse “victims” of catholic clergy are coming forward to the NCPC !!!!

I am further astonished to hear   the myth repeated that “one of the first things the pope did when he arrived was see victims”!

It seems that because of the “avuncular” pontiff, victims are assured that they will be taken seriously! You bet they will, it is very serious for this narcissistic tyrannical regime to squash and quieten as many Survivors as they can!! This pope is guilty of covering up abuse cases which are crimes against humanity. Damn right it is serious.

Their sick PR stunts get worse, and more outlandish every time they creep from under their rock to  grab the headlines ,seing an eye to the main chance as Premier Kenny of Ireland at last showed what leadership is all about!

Let us get this all quite clear!!!
The catholic church does NOTHING to help survivors of their pedophile clergie’s crimes. (unless you count praying with them and washing their feet!)
They duck and dive, lie and deflect, blame everyone else,from the pornography that is available everywhere, to the gay community (they do a particularly nice line in “Victim blame”)
They refuse to comply with the laws of ANY country where they are being taken to task, seeing themselves as beyond the law. (they have their own they tell us)
When they are forced to answer to the law, they use every loophole, every delaying tactic possible which often ends up with the very damaged victim being further abused.
They appoint profoundly unskilled  and biased people  from their own ranks to head their” Child protection” service, (Like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank)
They use every occasion to spin their face saving bullshit, and smile as they do it.

IF there is an increase in  SURVIVORS of these people coming forward – since the pope’s visit, then it is because  there were 20,000 people standing up to be counted,, and marching in protest through the streets of London – Dedicating that march to the survivors of abuse by the catholic church. It was because ordinary decent British  people came out in their thousands to tell survivors LIKE ME that they are with us and they are repulsed!

I was priveleged to  be the first person to speak at that rally. I looked out at the sea of warm compassionate faces, and they made me proud, and they made me BRAVE! Brave enough to stand with other survivors from all over the World and scream at these criminals  — ENOUGH! Brave enough to be in Rome in October and scream  ENOUGH to the Vatican, Brave enough to stand with 65 deaf and speech impaired fellow survivors  in Verona, who were all systematically abused by catholic priests in their childhood in the institute where they were supposed to be being cared for (one man by 16 priests!) ENOUGH!!!
Brave enough to tell other survivors, come and stand with us and gain your power, do not allow these criminals to abuse you any longer.
It was the the Secularists the Humanists the Gay rights organisations, The Human rights fighters , the Women’s rights organisations, Geoffrey Robinson, Peter Tatchell,Richard Dawkins,   and the  honorable BRITISH people that gave me that courage, and if there is an increase in the survivors of these creeps coming forward, then PLEASE put the praise for that where it is due! Not at the perpetrators of these crimes.

We have seen this week Ende Kenny, tell it at last how it is in Ireland, there is a man with real balls ! It is time that other government leaders  followed his example, time for David Cameron and the Australian , Canadian, American, Polish, French, Spanish, German ,Dutch, Italian leaders to show their balls too.
Ratzinger and his heirarchy simply don’t have any.

Sue Cox

Survivor’s Voice Europe

Sunday 31st July 2011

Petition the United Nations to define the systemic sexual abuse of children as “Crimes Against Humanity”

5 Responses to The catholic church does NOTHING to help sex abuse survivors

  1. Deirdre Shaw

    The surprise that people register at the Vatican doing nothing to make restitution and give care to victims of its own officers’ abuse must be down to a lack of understanding of the historical nature of that organisation. What must be understood is that the church does not exist for the welfare of the laity. Indeed, the reverse is true: the laity are a tool to be offered up to the worship of their god. Even when they are involved in education, medicine and charity, their work apparently on behalf of the poor, the sick and the uneducated is done for the glory of that deity. Some years ago I read the witness account of a woman who spent some time at Mother Teresa’s foundation, The Missionaries of Charity. She described seeing a nun sitting at the bedside of a very sick man, feeding him because he was unable to feed himself. A bell rang and the nun immediately put the spoon in the bowl of unfinished food and the bowl was put to one side so the nun could leave to attend prayers. The witness was shocked as we might be but this behaviour is entirely consistent with the philosophy of the church. This is not to defend the position taken by the church but to get across that, in demanding that the church puts people first, you are expecting the church to overturn centuries of policy and seeking to change its raison d’etre.

  2. Yes that is exactly what is to be demanded!

  3. In response to the recent death of the Papal Nuncio (ambassador) to the U.S. I wrote the following to a glowing obituary:
    “How can you claim that ‘Archbishop Sambi was open and accessible to everyone’, when he made it a point to IGNORE a victim of clerical sexual abuse who spent about 4 hours of almost every day of the year outside of his front door trying to engage him and his church in a conversation over the church’s responsibilities to its thousands of sexual abuse victims?
    The public was told by its media:
    ‘During Pope Benedict’s April 2008 visit to the United States, Archbishop Sambi accompanied the pope and hosted him at the nunciature, where the pope held a historic private meeting with five victims of clergy sexual abuse.’
    The archbishop said Pope Benedict was coming to “strengthen the faith, the hope and love of the Catholic Church in the United States,” and that he hoped the pope’s visit would “bring a new wind of Pentecost … a new springtime” to the U.S. church.”
    How moving!
    What wasn’t reported was that Sambi had the police move protestor a block away so that he WOULD NOT BE SEEN or HEARD by the pope, or anyone else!
    Google “Sambi Wojnowski” to see the way this man says he was abused verbally by an archbishop, after having been abused sexually by a priest.
    God alone may know whose telling the truth, but God help Sambi if it’s Wojnowski !
    John’s web site :

  4. My guess is that when Jesus preached the parable which OTHERS call the parable of “the good Samaritan” , his audience was shocked at the way Jesus portrayed the “men of God” – which is why I prefer to think of this sermon as the parable of the lousy clerics”. Where Archbishop Sambi is concerned, if Jesus judges him on the basis of the way he treated “the least of his brothers”, as opposed to the way he acted when he was on stage, before large audiences or before TV cameras, will he judge him a great man, as he is being portrayed here, or will the prophecy of Isaiah Ch. 32 be fulfilled?
    “In those days … the smooth tricks of evil men will be exposed, as will all the lies they use to oppress the poor in the courts. But good men will be generous to others and will be blessed of God for all they do.”
    This Nuncio may have been better than others, but ever since Sambi became the Papal Nuncio in 2005, he has been aware of an elderly gentleman who has been spending about 4 hours most every day of the year since 1998 demanding that the church face up to its responsibilities to the sexual abuse of its children by its priests. John claims to have been such a victim himself in 1958, when he was just 15.

  5. Meli

    The only reason they are involved with the “charity” of which they are so proud is so they can have control over institutions that provide social services. In this way they can force their canon law on people while ignoring the laws of the land (from which they invariably receive special exemptions anyway — even though the state is usually actually paying for the services). I am told this is especially bad in regions where the RCC has a monopoly on hospitals and such.

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