UK: Open letter to David Cameron

Dear Mr. Cameron,


Why on earth would you do that to me? You injured and insulted me! What on earth drove you to do that? We have never even met!

I am a hard working, tax paying grandmother, proud to be British, having worked hard all my life, brought up six children, all now highly qualified professionals who are now also contributing massively to the good of the country, one of them even serving his country in the armed forces. It seems that counts for very little when you saw me as a target!

And why did you think that I was a fair game? Am I a criminal? Did I give you a good reason to stab me in the back?

NO !-you deemed it necessary to insult me because I am the survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a catholic priest! Because I was raped as a child by a man in a collar, you kicked me! You insulted many thousands more in our country and beyond who, like me, have suffered intolerable abuses by these “men of god”.

My deaf and speech brothers and sisters in Verona, all sexually abused by priests in their childhood, one man by 16 priests! You slapped THEIR faces too!

You slapped the face of my wonderful friend from Rome, who escaped the clutches of the medieval “Opus Dei”, complete with marks from the celice he had to wear around his leg, and the scars of his abuse and maltreatment.

You slapped the faces of my Irish, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Colombian, African brothers and sisters, who were also appallingly abused by these tyrants.

You saw fit to slap the faces of all gay and lesbian citizens of our land, decently contributing to our society and rarely showing any signs of aggression! It seems their dignity has offended you in some obscure way too!

Perhaps the wonderful Stephen Fry, who dares to be such a tremendous ambassador for us all has offended you ? Because you certainly slapped HIS face!

You slapped the faces of every woman in the land ! —so much for the comments you made to the UN-

“Let’s be clear, you can’t build strong economies, open societies and inclusive political systems if you lock out women”
Well, you just blew it! You stabbed us in the back and insulted every woman in our country!
You slapped every one of our children and the future generation of children!

How did you do that? How COULD you do that? EASY!

You made a stupid, crass, ill conceived, snivelling, obsequious statement regarding the anniversary of the pope’s visit to England!

And I quote :

“One year ago, the landmark visit of Pope Benedict, gave millions of British Catholics an opportunity to celebrate their faith, while sharing a powerful message with everyone in our country about the importance of compassion, tolerance and justice.
“The Pope’s message is just as relevant today. The shocking riots in the UK underline that we need more than ever to build a new culture of social responsibility and develop strong and powerful communities as we deal with tough economic challenges.
“We should be proud that Britain’s generosity is saving the lives of millions in East Africa and countless others affected by disasters across the globe. “I am deeply proud of the enormous contribution people of faith have made to our society and look forward to our ever closer co-operation between the UK and the Holy See as we work for the common good.”

What planet are you actually on? What on earth are you talking about? Which bit of twenty thousand people marching through the centre of London in protest against this ludicrous visit did you fail to grasp? Let us look at this “shining example of virtue” that you feel we should be looking forward to “closer co-operation” with!


Tell that to all our wonderful dignified gay and lesbian citizens! As this man flew into OUR country last year he said “Homosexuality is as damaging to the World as the destruction of the rainforest” ! Great example of tolerance there !


Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of abused people who were treated like fodder for these greedy criminals!

Tell it to the people who are still, some of them at the end of their lives, fighting this narcissistic tyrannical regime for justice, when they are faced with a church who sees them as simply “collateral damage” spends a fortune on spin and legal rangling, to make absolutely sure these victims of their violations go to their graves without ever having their abuse acknowledged or amends made! Who’s first line of defense is to call them liars! A regime that flatly refuses to acknowledge its responsibility towards these people, and shields and protects the priest perpetrators!

JUDGEMENT!!! I despair!!

Tell that to every single person who has the audacity to ask for justice from this 14th century autocracy! A regime which tells us it has its OWN laws! and refuses to adhere to the laws of every country, that its tentacles have infiltrated. Even the criminal laws! They have made sure that they only acknowledge “canon law”, where the pope is the only person allowed to control any punishment, all of which will be derisory and insulting!

Look on our website, see the videos of the wonderful people from Verona, Alaska, Ireland ,America, England, see how they feel about vatican “JUSTICE!”

And as for Africa!?!

Where the pope, in his ignorance and arrogance, LIES to uneducated people by telling them that not only the use of condoms is a sin, resulting in them burning to hell , but they will and will actually further the spread of HIV AIDS, condemning many of them to death!

Is this REALLY the justice we want to look forward to emulating!

As the Italian people face huge economic crises, is it JUSTICE that they have to pay every single expense for the vatican? Last year they had to fork out 6 million euros for the vatican’s water bill alone!! To pay for one of the richest religious organisations in the world. Ask them how they feel about the vatican’s justice!

Now I have two questions about the slap on my face:
Do you really BELIEVE this rubbish that you churned out?
Or was it a throw away comment for the benefit of whoever you were trying to impress?

Either way I have a real problem! If you really believe this, then I am profoundly worried about the future of our country!

What on earth possesses you to say that we could gain anything at all from any co-operation with this regime?

Do you not remember when this tyrant came into our country last year he said he “was flying into a moral wasteland” ?

Who’s side ARE you actually on? Do you honestly believe that decent British people are not already capable of the highest standards in Justice, Tolerance and Compassion?

Are you REALLY looking towards this appalling organisation which sets itself up to be the moral benchmark of the World, while refusing to clean up its own back yard?

If it was a throw away remark, then you have shown nothing but a profound disregard and disrespect for many thousands of people and have caused much pain, an extremely worrying quality for a head of state!

I never in my wildest imaginings would have thought that I would have my face SLAPPED by my Prime Minister.

After we all recently marvelled at the courage of Prime Minister Enda Kenny who showed real balls and told the truth to his people about the vatican’s sinister and narcissistic nature, you chose to make such an ignorant insulting statement which makes me feel that my beautiful country, land of hope and glory, is going to hell on a handcart–and you Mr. Cameron are in the driving seat.


Sue Cox
Survivors Voice Europe

23 September 2011


One Response to UK: Open letter to David Cameron

  1. Thomas54

    The closing comparison with Prime Minister Enda Kenny certainly is striking. Cameron is either a fool or an idiot. I only hope it’s the former and that he realises his error.

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