Sweden: Please help Pakistani atheist!

Khalid Saeed is a Pakistani and he is also an atheist.  He fled from Pakistan in 2009 to Sweden, where his brother has lived for many years.  His request for asylum has just been rejected by the Swedish authorities.

The European Humanist Federation (EHF), together with the International Humanist and Ethical Union, has joined Humanisterna, our Swedish member organisation, in asking the Swedish authorities to reverse their decision.  Our letter (in Swedish) is here; an English version is here.

There is a website with up-to-date news about his case here with Khalid’s own introduction:

My name is Khalid. I am 36 years old. I have a family: Asia, my wife, and three kids, Iman (10), Momin (6) and Rafay (4). We have left Islam!

We are from Pakistan. In Islamabad we had our own business. I was a car dealer. We did OK for several years. Then, in February 2009 things got out of control. We became outlaws!

In June 2009 we luckily escaped to Sweden. We thought we were safe from our pursuers. Unfortunately we were wrong. Asylum, obviously is nothing for haunted non-muslims in Sweden.

Please take action to help Khalid!

  • Please sign the petition here.
  • Please write to the Swedish Migration Board at this address:

428 80 Kållered

and please cut and paste into your letter their reference:

“Angående ärende nr 10-345219, 11-187362, 11-187373, 11-187393 samt 11-187401, Khalid Saeed m.fl, angående uppehållstillstånd”

You can copy your letters by email to migrationsverket@migrationsverket.se but the Migration Board tend to disregard email communications so do not fail to write by ordinary post.

Use the material in our letter and on his website – but a short letter is all that is needed!

European Humanist Federation | 19 November 2011

One Response to Sweden: Please help Pakistani atheist!

  1. Philip

    Sorry – but if physically moving all the way to Sweden has not helped you, what is the point of asking them for asylum? Am I missing something here?

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