Italy: Pope denounces ‘criminal’ book, threatens to sue

The Vatican is threatening to sue over a new book based on leaked documents. Picture: AP.

THE Vatican has denounced as “criminal” a new book of leaked internal documents that shed light on power struggles inside the Holy See and the inner workings of its embattled bank, and warned that it would take legal action against those responsible.

Pope Benedict XVI has already appointed a commission of cardinals to investigate the “Vatileaks” scandal, which erupted earlier this year with the publication of leaked memos alleging corruption and mismanagement in Holy See affairs and internal squabbles over its efforts to comply with international anti-money laundering norms.

The publication of His Holiness, by Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, added fuel to the fire, reproducing letters and memos to and from Benedict and his personal secretary which the Vatican said violated the pope’s right to privacy.

Herald Sun | 20 May 2012

2 Responses to Italy: Pope denounces ‘criminal’ book, threatens to sue

  1. Ian Mason

    Shouldn’t the Pope just pray to the Almighty to sort things out? Or accept that the leaks are all part of His plan? I suspect there’s a lack of faith to be found in high Vatican places.

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