UK: Petition to end discriminatory Sharia court system

We, the undersigned, support the Arbitration and Mediation (Equality) Bill introduced to the House of Lords in 2011, which aims to tackle discriminatory practices, particularly against women and children, in arbitration and mediation carried out in the UK via Sharia courts. We call on the Government to take immediate action, support the passing of the Bill and defend equality for all before the law.

Why this is important

The Arbitration and Mediation Services (Equality) Bill introduced into the House of Lords by Baroness Caroline Cox in 2011 aims to tackle the discrimination faced by Muslim women within the Sharia court system.
The Bill, which applies to all arbitration tribunals, will firmly outlaw the practice of giving women’s testimony half the weight of men’s.
The Bill’s proposals include:
  • a new criminal offence of  “falsely claiming legal jurisdiction”  for any person who adjudicates upon matters which ought to be decided by criminal or family courts.
  • Explicitly stating in legislation that sex discrimination law applies directly to arbitration tribunal proceedings. Discriminatory rulings may be struck down under the Bill.
  • Requiring public bodies to inform women that they have fewer legal rights if their marriage is unrecognised by English law.
  • Explicitly stating on the face of legislation that arbitration tribunals may not deal with matters of family law (such as legally recognised divorce or custody of children) or criminal law (such as domestic violence).
  • Making it easier for a civil court to set aside a consent order if a mediation settlement agreement or other agreement was reached under duress.
  • Explicitly stating on the face of legislation that a victim of domestic abuse is a witness to an offence and therefore should be expressly protected from witness intimidation.


5 Responses to UK: Petition to end discriminatory Sharia court system

  1. Jules Lee

    I’m not sure if I should sign this petition to end discrimanatory pracitces within Sharia courts. Surely, there should be NO Sharia courts in UK. We need to petition to have these banned. One law for all indeed. Let’s have none of this religious nonsense in our legal system.

  2. Ganni Borg

    This is like the old question “have you stopped beating your wife?” No answer is good, because a “yes” can be interpreted as an admission of wife beating while a no ….

    There should be NO Sharia Courts at all. One legal system and the same court for all citizens.

  3. s.kaila

    If you live here in UK , then you MUST abide by the law of this land and NOT Sharia Laws of any kind. I believe there are over 85 Sharia Law courts up and running in UK at the moment. Shame on our spineless Govt.

  4. Alessandra

    think these Islamic courts are a disgrace to the England and are also discriminatory, the law is and must be the same for all British citizens, whether Muslims accept to live to England ,then they must also accept to be judged as other citizens . I am deeply disappointed, this is a major setback for Western culture. Today, u allow to demonstrate and to publicly praise the war, invited various Taliban to raze the England, say they want their blood …. tomorrow will rise to power and England will become another Muslim and retrograde country . We are underestimating the threat to the Western civilization. I did not think that ‘I never told it, but I’m happy to live in a Catholic country and where the Pope resides.

  5. Peter Newman

    All Islamic practices should be banned from Halal slaughter to forced marriages and all sharia law courts.
    British law only

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