UK: London’s Islamist “street vigilantes” harass gay people (video)

London’s Islamist “street vigilantes” harass gay people (video)


15 Responses to UK: London’s Islamist “street vigilantes” harass gay people (video)

  1. blissett

    What is the source for this video?

  2. Uzume

    It always amazes me when ignorant people think shouting stupid things at passers by makes them true.

    Not sure what the ‘person’ making this film thought they were achieving, but it made him look uneducated, blindly fanatical and not part of any Muslim community I have had the pleasure of working with.

    Kudos to the calm and collected man being baited. His peaceful and calm demeanor is the best response to such thuggery and this clip shows that.

  3. Uzume

    Good question!

  4. Penelope

    That video was deeply upsetting.
    Nasty, moronic thugs.

  5. Helen

    That is absolutely disgusting. I would not have remained so calm had that been me. Why so much hate?

  6. yvonne breevaart

    how disgusting and it makes the whole muslimcommunity look bad I am sure that lots of muslims are NOT like this man and we should never ever tolerate/accept this awfull behaviour Say No against hate discrimination prejudice its Important!

  7. Ron Moule

    Why assume there was only one person. In these situations? There’s usually a ‘spokesperson’ (the one who gets off on verbal abuse) then others in the background. ( In these groups the vergal one will bully his cohort). That might explain why the guy being harassed did not challenge it.

    More info on the Gay-free Zone: you can’t tell from the video if it’s in Whitechapel.

    I thought the sound effects were both pathetic and chilling; in that they reveal the hater’s aspirations. Recently-convicted fanatics assume not only that they are part of a world-wide movement, but that they have a leading role.

  8. Guy Leonard

    East Longon Mosque has already responded about the video – from last week –

    It’s clearly just a couple of arseholes though, no worse than drunks hurling abuse. The video should have been sent to the police, not virally posted, and should have been ignored by everyone else.

  9. Finch

    If genuine then this is absolutely disgusting. BUT, is it indeed genuine? It seems to me that without context, it could have been staged to generate anti-muslim sentiment.

  10. John

    Muslim area? He wishes! Or maybe he means only paedophiles are welcome, because after all, muhammed was a paedophile and we all know how much they love him!

  11. Richard Kirker

    Would it be possible for this site to give an update in due course about the police investigation?

  12. Pounce

    GL If the above had been carried out by a couple of white EDL lads, then the sticky brown stuff would have hit the fan. If the lads had been tories, the media would be having a right sing song about how evil the Tories are. If it had been a couple from a Christian god fearing middle class background they would be in court getting sued .

    The fact remains it was a couple of peace loving relgious bigots who belong to a faith which just cannot do any wrong in the eyes of the left. Be it oppressing women, gays or even Muslims who belong to a different branch of Islam. Muslims can get away with murder simply becasue the left find excuse after excuse in which to hide the ugliness which muslims hide behind by playing the human right angle.

  13. Lamia

    ” It seems to me that without context, it could have been staged to generate anti-muslim sentiment.”

    Ah yes, that’s what Rainbow Hamlets dutifully said, under police instruction, about the Gay Free Zone posters.

    The police were lying then. Don’t expect gay people to fall for convenient (for other people) lies again.

    Guess what, Finch: this story isn’t about Muslims, it’s about the safety of gay people in London. That matters just as much, and you do not help with regard to that by immediately trying to cast doubt on this as if the people really being attacked are Muslims and it’s not really an example of homophobia at all, just something made to look like it.

  14. Lamia

    There won’t be a proper police investigation. There willl be another police cover-up along the line used re the Gay Free Zone posters – also carried out by Choudary’s lot – being dragged out again by Finch above: “We have good reason to believe that this was carried out by a far-right group in order to harm community cohesion.”

    The police know Choudary is behind this. Everyone knows Choudary is behind this. The police are more concerned with not ‘provoking’ people like Anjem Choudary than with doing their job and protecting ALL the public. Expect a long drawn out case resulting, if anything, in a tiny fine for one of Anjem’s merry men, and the reputation of the Met police deservedly sliding further down the drain. They could and should have had him banged up years ago. Since then they have publicly lied to try and cover his tracks. The Met deserve nothing but contempt.

  15. Bob

    Police have arrested those responsible:

    I think there’s a few things to learn here. Above a few commenters jumped to the conclusion that the police would do nothing because there’d be some political correct force against taking action. I don’t think that’s true at all – I think it’s part of the myth-making protest. Of course they don’t want people, Muslim or otherwise, walking the streets abusing people and putting video cameras in their faces. No authorities get everything right but there was no reason in the world to think that London police would just ignore this because it was a crime committed by Muslim men.

    Second is how quickly the mosque condemned the story and how limited the story really was. Too many people seem to believe, wrongly, that other Muslims don’t speak out about this kind of loutish, zealout-ish behaviour, but they did, and they do.

    It’s shocking to watch Londoners being bullied in this way, but I’m also shocked if people read too much into it.

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