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Log here your ideas for chants and slogans for the protest march in September.


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  1. Kelvin Mansbridge

    No Religious Privilege
    Death to Blasphemy

  2. Antony

    1, 2, 4, 8
    what we need is a secular state

  3. Jude

    Religious privilege isn’t fair!
    Barbaric, medieval, stay away!

  4. Jude

    What a joke they still remain!
    Come on people fears not our game!

  5. Jude

    Myths and legends have had their say!
    That times over, we’re here to stay!

  6. Jude

    Religions power reigns insane!
    We’ve had enough, it’s time we had our say!

  7. Of Faith or None – Free from Hate
    Separate Church and State

  8. Steve Nesbitt

    Two, Four, Six, Eight. Separate church from State!

  9. Dan Bradman

    Hell no!!! We won’t go!!!

  10. michael wetherall

    If God is a story or if God is a beleif evolution is my God. I dont worship evolution i am happy to be part of it.
    Study all religions from before Mithras to Jesus.
    Religion is conditioning your entitled to beleive this.
    Once you understand your self, you have the right to leave. We are the same, we have each other, we dont require an external other.

  11. Andrea Quayle

    If support for secularism is to grow, it must be seen as a cause for people of faith as well as for atheists. Too often it is seen as synonymous with atheism. I can’t think of a slogan at the moment but I really think the majority of the slogans should make it clear that secularism benefits everyone.

  12. Tony Smith

    No vaya con dios!

  13. Simsisgod


  14. Matthew Coussell

    The best argument for secularism is a 5 minute conversation with a fundamentalist.

  15. Carl

    Stop your preaching hell and hate
    We don’t want a religious state!

  16. Carl

    Religious freedom is preaching hate
    We need a fair secular state!

  17. Carl

    Religious freedom is preaching hate
    We need a fair and secular state!

  18. Carl

    Pedophiles and suicides
    The catholic church is full of lies
    Tax dodging and cover ups
    The catholic church is a house of flies!

  19. Carl

    Keep your dogma out of our schools
    Religion is a power tool!

  20. Jude

    The pope corrupts children, feeding them false hope, and his minion priests give them a grope!

  21. a universal end to
    the judicial end of life
    is a beginning to the end of
    humanitarian injustice

  22. Max

    You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will be as one

  23. Bob

    Say nope to the Pope.

  24. Alan Trevethan

    I agree with Andrea Quale. It is not so easy to convey these thoughts in a catchy slogan. My attempt is copied here:

    Of Faith or None – Free from Hate
    Separate Church and State

  25. No more Priests or Holy Sages
    Religion leads us to Dark Ages.

    (Are Holy Sages still a thing? It was the only thing I could think of that rhymed)

  26. Johan

    Holy See no evil

    Holy Hear no Evil

    Holy Do no Evil?

  27. Andrea Quayle

    Yes, Alan. Your slogan sums up what secularism should be about. Much as I would love religion to instantly disappear, the reality is that it’s here to stay. So, we atheists/humanists need to persuade people of faith that secularism is in their interest too. Flinging insults puts back the cause.

  28. Johan

    BLASPHEMY : noun, The act of denting someone’s religious ego.

  29. Wendy Davis

    I like this one best so far – but PLEASE can we make whichever is chosen SCAN …is not enough just to rhyme –

    so this should be
    separate the church from state

    from the chair of the pedantic society.. :-)

  30. Wendy Davis

    How about using Gershwin? we can sing then too!

    “It aint necessarily so, It aint necessarily so
    The things that you’re liable to read in the bible
    It aint necessarily so”

    and we could add more

    as in

    we told you before-a
    the words of the Torah
    it aint necessarily so

    although you repeat -a
    the words of the Gita
    it aint necessarily so

    etc etc

  31. Anthony

    I sort of agree as I’m also a signed up pedant… but it’s a chant, not a poem, prose or even a sentence.

    “2,4,6,8 Separate Church and State!” would be my preference because the prime requirement is clarity. Crowd chants should miss out spare words (so no “The”) and be as easy to declaim as possible (so replacing the “from” with an “and”).

    As to the rhythm, people will instinctively chant “Se-pa-rate” and “Chur-chand-State” as triplets to maintain the pace against “2,4,6,8” (almost exactly like “who-do-we appre-ci-ate” after the “a” is lost from “appreciate”).

  32. Ed Cook

    Careful Now!

    Down with this sort of thing!

  33. Wilton

    Lords Reform not Christian Scorn

  34. Wilton

    Faith in Education not Schools

  35. Grzegorz

    Man (or one) shall drink from wisdom well
    Let religions go to hell

  36. Ben

    Not sure I really agree that this is appropriate, but how about this…

    Pedophiles and suicides
    The catholic church is full of lies
    Tax dodging and cover ups
    The catholic church must be shut!

    However I agree with Andrea Quayle’s point above. The above chant will probably not help to spread secularism amongst Catholics!

  37. Jacqui Francis

    Love this. If there has to be a slogan let it be this one.

  38. Jan Wild-Grant

    I think a minute with a fundamentalist is enough.

  39. Jan Wild-Grant

    This gets my vote

    Can we have some songs? I’m very fond of I Ain’t Afraid Of The Words Of Your Allah/Bible/Jahwe.. I’m Afraid Of What You Do In The Name Of Your God. Think there must be some versions on YouTube.

  40. Agron

    This is the best one.

  41. Grace Boas

    If God… then Little Red Riding Hood

    Wenn’s Gott gibt… dann Rotkäpchen auch

    Si hay Díos.. la Caperucita Roja también

    Jak jest Bog… to Czerwony Kapturek tez

  42. Kat

    A song on the melody of ‘yellow submarine’, hope you like it..

    We all live in the same small world
    same small world, same small world.
    We all live in the same small world
    same small world, same small world.

    Have your faith but leave the rules
    to democracy, as well as schools.
    We have fought for rights so long
    Europe’s people will stand strong.

    Refrain (repeat)
    We all need only secular states
    secular states, secular states.

    We march for gays, and women too,
    to speak our minds with no taboo.
    The right to think, the right to feel,
    to own our bodies, to see what’s real.

    Refrain (repeat)
    No way we will go back to iron age, — no
    back to iron age, not back to iron age.

    We share the roots of ancient Greece,
    learning lessons from history.
    If there’s one thing we know:
    Totalitarians promote no peace.

    Refrain (repeat)
    Have your faith but leave governments alone,
    governments alone, governments alone.

  43. Kat

    should be “bronze age”, to be historically correct..
    “Middle Age” might work as well.

  44. I think that’s a great slogan. I might slightly prefer this amendment carrying the same sentiment
    “Religious or not – Free from Hate
    Separate Church and State “

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