Crete – The Island That Never Disappoints You

Crete is one of those places that has a lot of mythology and history attached to it. But over the years, it has also become a favorite place for tourists. The thing that makes it stand out is the fact that it has expanded quite a bit from a touristic standpoint. The island is amazing to experience by car, so don’t forget to rent a car. You can check prices on ca rental on Crete with, click here for more info about car rental. There are tons of things to do and places to see, all you have to do is to check it out for yourself and immerse yourself into the entire experience.

Visit the Heraklion Archaeological Museum

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is full of amazing artifacts showing off the Greek history. You can even see the Phaistos disc, which is a very mysterious artifact that everyone wants to check out. There’s also the amazing Arkalochori Axe. It’s incredible and a great place to check out while visiting Crete.

Balos Beach and Lagoon

Going to the Balos Beach and Lagoon is very impressive, mainly because this is a hard to reach location and there’s a ton of cool stuff to see in there. People love this because it’s unique and different, and you will find it just a pleasure to explore and enjoy. It’s totally worth it, especially if you want to see something different.

Get a Ferry to Loutro

The nice thing about this place is that it’s a fishing village with a very distinct look. On top of that, there are cool beaches here, you can swim or you can go hiking. There are plenty of unique experiences to be had, all you have to do is to give them a try for yourself.

Holy Trinity Monastery

Going to the Holy Trinity Monastery is a very good idea. You can go inside the Monastery, which is very nice. Plus, you will be impressed with the architecture, the views itself and so on. Plus, the place is filled with cats too.

Old Town of Rethymnon

Rethymnon is also a cool place to visit just because it’s an old town, it looks extraordinary and it also has a picturesque port. There are even some cobblestone alleys, which means there’s a whole lot of stuff you can check out. That alone makes it a very good pick for anyone visiting Crete.

Visit Knossos

You can’t arrive in Crete without visiting Knossos. This is a very imposing archeological site, and it will take your breath away. There’s a lot of history to be seen here, not to mention you can study all kinds of archaeological items.


Visiting Crete is great if you want to cherish the local history, while also exploring all kinds of cool views. There are also many opportunities to enjoy local food. Ideally, you want to rent a car in Crete because it’s allowing you to see new things, enjoy a variety of different locations and just immerse yourself into the process.

Car rental on Crete is a must, there is no better way to see the whole island and driving on the island is a joy in itself. It’s cheap and easy to rent a car and you pick up the car in many different locations. You do want to check it out for yourself, as Crete is a cool location, and you will find it incredibly rewarding and fun!