Five Magical Properties That Provide Oceanfront Living

Five Magical Properties That Provide Oceanfront Living

When it comes to getting a property for oneself, everyone has their own preferences, some like quiet and calm neighbourhoods, while others prefer exuberant places that are bustling with human liveliness and then there are people who imagine living by pristine water and since Dubai is already famous for its gorgeous beaches, most of the tourists in Dubai crave nothing more than lying on soft crystal sand, basking under the Emirati Sun and chugging a cold beverage. The air hanging over the sea is very intoxicating, due to the fusion all kinds of exotic fragrances adding attraction to alluring beaches such as the Emaar Beachfront, to further enhance the experience of its beach-loving residents and tourists Dubai has following properties that might have a vacant villa if you are lucky and you might want to buy a villa for sale in Dubai.

1. Beachfront Penthouses Of W Residencies

W Residencies is known for its splendid beachfront penthouses that make it an excellent place to live and is profitable property to sell or rent out. Nestled between glimmering waters of Arabian Gulf and glitzing skyline of Dubai, W Residencies without a doubt allows its customers to have an exemplary lifestyle. The residency has everything one could desire, from top-notch essentials to unparalleled spots for tourist attraction.  Spread over the expanse of more than 6 thousand feet, these outstanding penthouses give its inhabitants the luxury of staring at the ocean outside their windows without disruption. In addition, the choice of neutral colours and solid stone works makes the interior of the houses super boujee and clean. The floor to ceiling huge windows allows the interiors of the penthouses to bathe in white sunlight creating an airy and cool atmosphere. A high tech kitchen and cabinets complete the look.

2. The Palm Jumeirah Island

The Palm Jumeirah Island is considered to be the eighth wonder of the world by the locals and is home to numerous celebrities and socialites. For real estate, the villas on the fronds are ideal to invest in, for they offer exclusive backyards that stretch all the way to the sea, making it a fantasy living. For people who aim to enjoy their vacation without draining too much of their cash, they can access apartments located on the trunk of the Palm. The crown jewels of The Palm Jumeirah is one and only world-famous hotel, The Atlantis.

3. Rimal Tower Apartment

Only a few yards away from Dubai Marina Mall sits the incredible Rimal Tower 5, that has a three-bedroom apartment with a spacious living room that has windows to greet you with fantastic panorama outside. Furthermore, it provides a fantastical walkway that leads to notable eateries such as The Cheesecake Factory, Urban Seafood and Benihana.

The apartments on the first floor constitute two large bedrooms and an additional master bedroom with en-suite. The spacious kitchen has an adjoining dining area giving the whole establishment a family-friendly aura.

4. Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

Just like all the seafront luxury apartments, Jumeirah Beach Residence also offers its tenants to have an authentic beach experience by providing an exceptional beachfront living. Amenities, such as outdoor showers, washrooms and changing rooms make this landmark feel like a paradise. The waterfront community of Dubai have beachside boulevard and The Walk that lead to top-notch dining areas.

5. Serenia Residences

Serenia residences is a two-bedroom apartment complex on Palm Jumeirah, which is stretched over 1,380 square feet and is one of its kind. Because of the well-furnished floor to ceiling huge windows, the natural sunlight streams inside creating a picturesque scene to please the eyes of every onlooker. The bedroom of the apartment leads to an open living area with a separate laundry room in the corner. The long balcony from the living room gives access to enchanting looking gardens.

Other than the perks mentioned above, you also have the opportunity to enhance your lifestyle with Madinat Jumeirah livingthese landmarks are well equipped with every essential of life, leaving very little reason for the residents to move far. Other than exclusive access to the beach, some of these resorts even have infinity pools and Barbeque areas.  Therefore it is advisable to look for a villa for rent in Dubai if you wish to enjoy Dubai at its best in a short period of time .