3 Cool Chicago Attractions You Can’t-Miss If You’re a History Buff

History buff’s vacations never come up empty-handed, leaving you with new knowledge and surprising tidbits you can carry with you when you leave.  If you’re a history buff and want to make the most out of Chicago: you’re not alone!

These are three awesome Chicago attractions that will leave you with more knowledge and exciting vacation!

Why Chicago for History Buffs?

Chicago is the perfect place for history buffs!  This city has a long and wild history, spanning back almost 200 years, with thousands of years of history before it gained the name Chicago and was lived in by indigenous people.

From French explorers to Potawatomi people, you can learn a lot by visiting here.

Chicago is also a generally affordable city to vacation in, with apartments for rent in Chicago stabilizing far before other cities amidst the wild housing market we’re currently in.  This is the city you should want to vacation in!

The Chicago Theater

Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2021, The Chicago Theater is one of the earliest grand movie palaces that were developed by famed movie moguls Balaban and Katz.  Elaborate and designed with class and style in mind, it has a capacity for over 3,500 people, built in a Neo-Baroque/Neoclassical style.

This is one of the most beautiful places to explore history and possibly catch a show while you’re there.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

Chicago | Relay / GSE

If architecture captures your imagination, you’ll love this next stop.  The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio is a fantastic destination for anyone who wants to get to know the life and history of this incredible architect.  First built in 1889 and then later added to, this home and studio have original Wright-designed furniture and textiles that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.  This is a truly inspiring stop to make.

The Oriental Institute Museum

Although its name shows its age, this institute, established in 1919, is anything but behind the times.  Offering a look at the research into the ancient people of Asia and Northwestern Africa, you’ll be stunned at the large number of items you can look at and learn about.  There’s nothing quite like this museum anywhere else.

How to Pack for Chicago

Any real history buff knows that Chicago was named the Windy City because of a tornado that blew through in the middle of a heavy political season when a lot of people were ‘full of hot air’: but you might not know what the weather is really like in this incredible city.

Chicago’s summers are mild with warmer weather and occasional rain storms, which means packing for this season means packing for hot weather and bringing at least one raincoat.

Winters are harsh, leaving the city overwhelmed with snow and ice.  If you’re coming in the winter, bring layers and some boots that can handle any kind of terrain.  After all, better safe than falling on the streets of Chicago.

Chicago Should Be Your Next Stop!

If you’re traveling through the states and want a historic stop: it’s time to consider Chicago.  Take your stop soon, and ensure that you’re ready for the vacation of a lifetime!