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As part of corporate, you know that your franchisees have to be able to contact their leads and to manage their workflow in an accessible way with a solid CRM. You, the franchisor, have to be able to find good investor leads for your franchising brands. With our franchise recruitment performance program, you have the answer to bringing the perfect investor leads to each of your franchising brands. With our franchise CRM, the solution is at your fingertips to support your getting great investors for all of your companies.

We have a complete line of franchise development services that includes a suite of marketing tools, media purchases, and services for a comprehensive program. The best part is that it is delivered turnkey to you, and you can easily integrate it into your system. We have a flexible and open approach to working with our clients with a foundation in an established and proven strategy. We do all of our work in-house, which helps ensure that our quality is high for each client.

With our years of experience, we offer expertise that you won’t find elsewhere as well as the highest possible performances. We have been in the field of franchise recruitment marketing for many years, and we support brands developing and fine tuning their marketing.

With our own open source software, we offer our clients a powerful tool for automating franchise marketing. We are the creators of this framework, and this allows us to bring dependable and affordable services to our clients. Our system works with most others, and we can also customize it and reduce vendor risk.

Using our CRM, you can manage your business’ contacts and track their interactions. This can be done in several ways, like by seeing which documents have been downloaded the most, seeing website visits, and viewing online chats with potential clients from the very beginning. Tracking communications with workflows and checklists and follow-up tasks makes it easy to organize all of your potential client communications. You can also send emails to investors you need to have a stellar business opening.

Each time you have an inbound call, the CRM creates a contact for you and records it if you want it to. You don’t need a CRM license when you can get it for a cheap price as part of our suite of services.

Additionally, we provide search engine optimization for your franchise development website so that you can distribute news and empower social media networks to establish affiliation and referral opportunities from one location. Furthermore, we aggregate digital marketing key performance indication so you know when a new opportunity arises.

With our franchise CRM, you can grow and expand your business exponentially.