How Do You Get Your Baby to Sleep on His Own?

How do you get your baby to sleep on his own? Are there any special tips or routines? Fear not! These are some tried and tested ways to get your baby to sleep on their own;


If there is something that seasoned parents can vouch for is the effectiveness of a scheduled routine. Schedules help you to plan out the day and night for the baby. You get to allocate time for feedings, playing, naps and eventually, a restful night’s rest.

If your baby takes too many naps during the day, especially in the evening, they will fight to sleep at night. This will hinder your chances of getting him to sleep on his own. An early bedtime is advisable, between 7 pm and 9 pm, because the baby will not be too tired. You can then start the nighttime routine by giving them a relaxing bath. The next step is to massage the baby with their nighttime oils and put them in boys pyjamas. Lay the baby on his bed and leave the room. You should check on them once in a while until they are completely sound asleep.


Some babies are determined to cry it out, which is hard for any parent to bear. However, acceptance of a new foreign routine will not be without a bit of cry. Remember that if the baby is fed and comfortable, the cry should not alarm you.

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For a baby to sleep on his own, you need to be consistent in your response when he cries. Refrain from responding too quickly because the baby will not learn to soothe themselves back to sleep. A late response will also put the baby in distress, making it harder for them to sleep. On average, two minutes is an adequate crying time, after which you can go in to soothe them but do not overstay your welcome. You can repeat this routine a few times during the first weeks, and eventually, the baby will learn to put himself back to sleep.


You need the right tools for the job so that the baby cooperates and sleeps independently. The main reason why most babies will fuss when left to sleep by themselves is that they do not feel safe. So laying the groundwork is an important first step. The first thing to get is a suitable crib and mattress. The mattress should be firm and designed for babies. Nobody likes to enter a cold bed, and neither will the baby. So warm up the bed beforehand, dress him in his cosy boys pyjamas and place him on the bed.

A white noise machine can be a lifesaver if the baby is still unable to sleep on his own despite your best efforts. This machine blocks sound and creates a soothing hum which the baby relates to noises he heard in the womb. Another great sleeping aid you can try include a pacifier. Let them such on it for a while; then, when they are completely asleep, you can remove it.

Final Thoughts

A baby sleeping on his own benefits him and you, so it needs to be done at the right time. The pointers listed above will help you smooth out this all-important process.