Why Ottawa Residents Love Their City

It’s no secret that those who live in Ottawa absolutely love it. After all, it’s the nation’s capital so it’s not shocking to learn that the city is filled to the brim with culture and plenty to offer in every category from cost to living to things to do. On top of those, what else might it have going for it?

If you are considering a move and are wondering if Ottawa can be as right for you as it is for most of its residents, here’s some more important information for you to keep in mind before, during, and even after you’ve browsed Ottawa homes for sale.

The Jobs Are Plenty

Not only are residents going to have ample choices when they start out on the job hunt, many of the jobs they’ll see are going to be as stable as they come. “Why’s that?” you ask, well it’s because, as mentioned, Ottawa is the nation’s capital and that means a large segment of the city’s residents are going to be employed by the city to keep Ottawa, and aspects of the rest of Canadian life running.

Outside of government work, Ottawa has no issues bringing in tourists thanks to its cultural offerings, such as the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Canadian War Museum, and other ways to explore its rich history, so that means there’s always work if hospitality or tourism is more your speed instead of working in politics, either directly or indirectly.

Plenty Of Green Space

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When looking at the country as a whole, Ottawa has one of the best ratios when it comes to looking at the amount of parks per resident. That means the odds are high, when considering where you’ll want to live within the city, that you and your children will have somewhere safe and close by to get out and play or exercise.

If residents are looking for a calm day outside, whether that means a picnic or a walk in the park, there are likely plenty of options for wherever they are in the city. There are also many lovely bike paths for those looking to experience the outdoors all while seeing as much as they can from the comfort of two wheels.

When the winter comes through, there’s also nearby options for those looking to hit the slopes which won’t require too much travel time at all.

The Cost Of Living

No matter which city you decide to live in, the cost of housing is going to vary more so from neighborhood to neighborhood more than anything else. With that in mind, on average, Ottawa is going to be a more affordable place than other comparable cities in Canada. The prices are rising here as well but what Ottawa residents get for their dollar is still a better deal than somewhere like Toronto, for example.

With that in mind, residents are happy to see that along with a better cost of living than other places in Ontario, there’s also a higher rate of employment growth and a significantly lower unemployment rate, about 2 points lower to be specific.