Why Should I Consider Going to an Electro Muscle Stimulation Personal Training Studio Boulder CO?

Electro muscle stimulation (EMS) has been around for a few decades and certainly has quite a few fans. From people who need a little something extra to improve muscle tone to athletes who appreciate what EMS can do, the demand for these types of treatments continues to increase. Have you thought about trying an electro muscle stimulation personal training studio Boulder CO? Here’s some basic information that will help you make a decision.

Understanding the Concept

The idea behind electro muscle stimulation is to utilize electrical current to target specific muscle groups. With the aid of sensors that are applied to the arms, legs, stomach, or other areas, a carefully measured amount of current is applied to those muscles. The result is that the muscles contract in much the same way they do when you lift weights. The result is muscles that are toned and feel sturdier for short periods of time.

While it’s possible to use equipment designed to target specific muscles, there is also a suit that provides a full-body workout. The sensors are situated so that several major muscle groups are treated at the same time. Throughout the process, a professional is on hand to monitor the reaction and make adjustments as needed.

More Muscle Stimulation in Less Time

If this treatment works in much the same way as lifting weights, why not just continue the weight lifting? The answer has to do with time. It’s possible to undergo as little as 20 minutes of EMS and achieve the same level of stimulation that weight lifting provides during a 90-minute workout.

While you do need to continue treatments in order to enjoy greater muscle tone, consider how much easier it is to fit a short session into a busy schedule. On days when you don’t have time to work out, schedule a treatment. You can still lift weights and enjoy other forms of working out on days when there’s more time.

What Happens in Terms of Toning and Building Muscle Mass?

As a professional at the electro muscle stimulation personal training studio Boulder CO will tell you, EMS will help tone your muscles. With people who are seeking to increase muscle mass, you will notice a difference as the weeks pass. Athletes tend to use EMS as a way to help maintain the results from working out regularly since it helps with muscle definition.

While there is no evidence that EMS will do anything in terms of reducing your weight or getting rid of fat, it’s possible to pair a sensible diet with regular treatments and see a difference. Your stomach will begin to flatten and the muscles in your arms and legs will become firmer. Add in regular workouts so you get the cardiovascular benefits and you’ll enjoy better health and a toned appearance in less time.

Working Out While Receiving EMS

Instead of considering EMS as a substitute for time spent in the gym, think of it as one more resource that you use to get and keep fit. It’s true that the treatments help to reach muscles that are hard to tone with standard workouts but don’t overlook the benefits of continuing to lift weights, use resistance training, and even walking and jogging. Doing so adds more definition to your muscles and helps them remain firm.

Why not try EMS for a month and see what you think? You may find that it’s the ideal way to take your fitness effort to the next level and have the body that you’ve always wanted.