Huawei Payment App: A Complete Guide

Huawei Pay is a mobile payment service launched by Huawei in cooperation with partners to provide secure and convenient mobile payment services for Huawei/Honor device users. Huawei Pay allows you to pay using phones with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology instead of using bank cards. You can make safe and convenient payments by simply holding your NFC-enabled phone to a contactless huawei payment app or card reader. In some countries and regions, Huawei Pay also allows payments via barcode or QR code.

To use Huawei Pay, download and install Wallet from AppGallery, then add a bank card.

Huawei Pay can be used for:

  • In-store payments by holding up your phone
  • In-store payments by showing your payment QR code or scanning the QR code
  • By public transport
  • In-app purchases

Actual payment functionality may vary by country and region.

Countries or Regions where the Huawei Pay or Access card is available

You can add bank cards to your Huawei Pay in the following countries and regions: Russia, Hong Kong (China), Macau (China), Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Austria, Italy and South Africa.

The access card is available in the following countries and regions: Hong Kong (China), Macau (China), Taiwan (China), Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Papua -New Guinea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Tonga, Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Brunei, Maldives, Cook Islands, French Polynesia and Nauru.

The availability of Huawei Pay services depends on the country/service region set for your HUAWEI ID. To view or change the location of HUAWEI ID, open AppGallery and go to Me > Settings > Country/Region.

How secure is Huawei Pay?

Huawei Pay – Easier and safer mobile payments | HUAWEI Global

Huawei Pay offers an easy and secure way to pay by touching your NFC-enabled phone to a contactless payment device or card reader. It is more secure than using a physical bank card for the following reasons:

  • Your actual card number is not included in transactions when you use Huawei Pay. A token (device card number) is used instead. Therefore, your real card number is not stored on your phone or Huawei Pay servers and is not shared with the merchant either.
  • Every transaction requires authentication using a fingerprint, face or payment PIN. The actual payment method will vary depending on your country or region.
  • During a payment, Huawei Pay does not store any transaction information that can be traced back to you.
  • Cards added to Huawei Pay receive the same level of fraud protection from your bank as your physical bank cards.

Differences between Huawei Pay and Google Pay

Both Huawei Pay and Google Pay support NFC-based mobile payments.

You don’t need to unlock your phone or open your Wallet to use Huawei Pay to pay in-store.

You can use Huawei Pay to make in-store payments by holding your phone up to a contactless payment device or card reader, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

In some countries and regions, Huawei Pay also allows payments via barcode or QR code.