Our Fleet Wash Program Is Great For Business

Fleet Wash

If your company has a fleet of vehicles, it has to be kept clean as much as possible. The vehicles are rolling advertisements for your organization, and its reputation and image is, quite, literally riding on how clean the vehicles are. First impressions are critical, and your fleet vehicles are what your customers see many times before they ever come into contact with a company representative. With our fleet wash program, you can keep your vehicles clean and make a great first impression on new and repeat clients as a direct result.

We can clean any type of fleet vehicle you have. Our cleaning technicians have the experience and equipment necessary to clean buses, delivery trucks, mail carriers, tractor trailers, cars, and pickups. No matter the type of vehicle your company uses to get its work done, we can handle cleaning all of them in your fleet. We can clean hundreds of vehicles every day, so, you can depend on us to get the job done, no matter the size of your fleet.

With our cleaning system, we eliminate dirt, grease, road film, exhaust soot, insects, and all other types of road mess. We use hot water, brushes, and biodegradable detergents, and we are committed to providing an excellent final result. We ensure all parts of the vehicles are clean. You won’t find grime on rims, bumpers, exterior frames, tires, windows, mirrors, front grills, or gas tanks.

Fleet Wash

We do more than just clean fleet vehicles: we do so in an environmentally-friendly manner, using biodegradable detergent, and we use various waste-water collection methods.

We make vehicles shine, and we never sacrifice quality for speed. While we work quickly, we are proud of the high standard of work we attain. We want to get your vehicles looking great and back out on the road fast.

You can advertise your company just by keeping your vehicles clean, and it is definitely a worthwhile investment. A clean vehicle says a lot about how you do business to a potential client, and it also saves your company money on maintenance costs as a clean vehicle has fewer maintenance problems, such as those caused by dirty brakes.

Contact us to learn how our fleet wash program can help your company look its best every day! We can tailor our cleaning programs to meet your company’s needs, and we will wash on-site to make it easier for you to get your vehicles looking great.