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Jungian Therapists
  1. G. Jung was the brilliant Swiss psychiatrist (1875-1961) whose deep understanding of the human psyche created Jungian analysis. This form of therapy can be found among New York Jungian therapists, who can help you identify complexes that can lead you down the path to healing.

Jung felt that there is a broader unconsciousness common to all humans. Complexes occur when there are disturbances between how we experience the world and the expectations we have of our basic inner consciousness. The self is important and controls the tendencies of our fundamental inner human consciousness.

You will find that Jungian therapy is different than other types of therapy in that it analyzes your personal and professional problems well beyond the superficial. It works to identify complexes to help you heal creatively and productively, and it helps you create and keep more positive relationships.

When you first meet with your analyst, it’s important to create a positive relationship from the get-go. Without good rapport, the healing process will not be as positive as possible.

You will learn to accept the inner truths that your wiser unconscious self already knows about. Your dreams often show the links missing between consciousness and these inner truths. They find problems related to the attitude of our consciousness.

You may not always remember your dreams, but, through therapy, you may find that you begin to remember more as you work through your therapy sessions. If you have a dream before the first meeting with your analyst, discuss it with them when you first talk so that your therapy has a great start.

Don’t worry if you don’t dream that often, or that, when you do, you don’t remember them. Dreams aren’t required to make progress in Jungian analysis, but they can be helpful. Therapy can definitely still benefit you, even if you don’t dream often or remember them when you do.

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You will typically meet with your analyst once per week, face-to-face. This may not always be the case, however, as you may both find that a different arrangement suits you both better. Therapy sessions can be flexible based on your needs and availability.

We provide several New York Jungian therapists who are here to support you in your journey to healing. They are professionals who are well-trained and who are experienced in this revolutionary form of therapy that can help you in numerous ways. We look forward to working with you.