Surprise Your Teacher with These Gift Ideas On His/Her Birthday

A teacher is the one who makes you ready to face the challenges of the world and to make a better life for yourself.

From the day we get admitted to schools to the day we celebrate farewell, we grow with the knowledge provided to matka us by many different teachers. Every single teacher plays an important role in our life but some teachers become our favourite.

We develop a special bond with some teacher(s) and we do celebrate our special occasions with them.

But not many of us celebrate our teacher’s birthday and surprise them with a lovely gift.

If your teacher’s birthday is just around the corner then you can make him/her smile with the below-mentioned gift ideas.

Personalised Pen

A pen for a teacher is considered a sword in the hands of warriors. And it is a fact that teachers do love their pen a lot. Gifting a pen to your teacher is surely a great way to surprise him/her but you should move a step ahead and make your teacher smile with a gift of a personalised pen. Get his/her name engraved on the pen and pack it in a royal-looking box.

Water Bottle

Every teacher has to speak a lot during his/her time at work and that’s not an easy thing. Teaching is a profession that requires a lot of calmness and activeness throughout the day. You can decide to surprise your teacher by presenting a metallic water bottle. You can choose to customise the bottle with the teacher’s main subject or his/her signature.

Treat WIth A Cake

Our teachers give us the knowledge that helps us earn money and life in the future. So, apart from his/her birthday, you have another reason to surprise your teacher with a treat of a cake. But do not settle for a simple cream cake, instead get a designer cake prepared and get the cake topped with items that define the subject that he/she teaches. Order a birthday cake in Bangalore or wherever your teacher resides and get the cake delivered to your teacher’s doorstep.

Movie Tickets

If it’s the birthday of a strict teacher who gives you the vibes of ‘Hitler’ sometimes, a gift of movie tickets for him/her and the family act as a perfect birthday gift. Ask your teacher to keep the anger away for a day and celebrate the special day by having fun with his/her family. Do make sure to get the tickets for a movie which he/she can watch with the family.

Welcome in Class with Flower Arrangements

For this gift idea, you will need to have a word with all your classmates. Make a plan that everyone will bring a flower arrangement for the teacher on his/her birthday. It can be a bouquet, flower basket, or a flower box. Welcome and surprise your teacher when he/she enters your class with a tsunami of birthday flowers.

A Big Greeting Card

Our art teachers have taught us how to make greeting cards. So, it is time to use that knowledge. Get some close friends onboard and prepare a big size birthday greeting card. You can take ideas and inspiration for the design from YouTube and art & craft blogging websites. Make sure that the card can stand without falling apart and is light-weight so that your teacher can take it to his/her home. You can add pictures of your teacher and some lovely birthday poems inside the greeting card.

Make your teachers smile because their contribution to your life is divine!