Why Should you Invest in 2022 Huawei Black Friday?

Huawei, a name of trust and quality, is offering some fantastic smartphones this 2022 Huawei black Friday, but this introduction is probably not enough, right? Well, you have many other qualities that will make you agree to buy Huawei this year. What are these qualities?

Find out in the article below and decide for yourself. But, then, let us get into it.

The Price:

The price is, without a doubt, the most crucial factor for the consumer. Nobody wants to squander money or settle for a subpar product. Therefore, people consider the price of a smartphone, which is sometimes determined based on the brand’s popularity. But unfortunately, it turns out that a smartphone’s price does not always imply excellent quality, and the opposite is also true.


A decent camera captures light. Unfortunately, many consumers focus their decision to purchase a smartphone on the features and quality of its camera, while others give the availability of a camera very little consideration.

The Huawei P9 camera can catch 90% more light than the Galaxy S7 camera and 270% more light than the iPhone 6s camera.


The Huawei P9 has a 7 mm width. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S are both thinner than this model. But does this matter at all? It is ultimately a question of taste. While some might consider the thinness essential, others prefer a heavier build. The screen is the same way.

The smartphone, as mentioned above, has a screen area 72,9% larger than the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S7. Should you consider this when buying a smartphone? You should truly make that choice.


What causes you to “notice” a device is its design. Unfortunately, smartphone makers are often at odds with one another over design issues. As a result, new models are created employing innovative design principles and ideas, which must consistently outperform the conventional ones.

The staff of Huawei in Paris regularly interacts with top international designers and keeps up with current global fashion trends.

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The specialists at this center always strive to improve design concepts according to their opinions and areas of specialization to achieve new heights and produce fresh, original designs for Huawei models.

Apple gives the appearance of the new iPhone particular consideration. The business contacts experts regularly, but the design approach is kept a secret because not all the information is accessible to the general public.


Understanding a smartphone’s durability limit and how it will be fixed in the event of a malfunction is crucial when making a purchase. For instance, replacing the battery in a Samsung Galaxy J5 is as simple as buying a new one and doing it yourself.

Those accustomed to handling all technical issues with their cell phones should consider their options. For example, the Huawei GR3’s owner needs professional assistance to replace the battery.

Is it Worth Purchasing?

Everyone aspires to stand out and be different. Some people own a smartphone that matches their friends’ smartphones, while others want a unique one. When making the final choice, remember this point as well. Huawei is always improving its Android operating system. Emotion, a unique interface created by Huawei, is an enhanced version of Google Android. In the meantime, Samsung cell phones’ Android platforms don’t get any optimization or modification.