We Offer Beautiful White Oak Hardwood Flooring

white oak hardwood flooring

If you’re ready to purchase hardwood flooring for your home or business, white oak hardwood flooring might be the perfect choice. Should you still be undecided, you can definitely give us a call, or come visit our showroom, and we can help you select the right wood for your home or office.

It can be a difficult decision to select a hardwood that will complement your home’s décor, is stylish, and that will withstand the rigors of your lifestyle. That is why our consultants are available to you to answer your questions and make recommendations. You’re not alone as you choose from among the literally thousands of combinations of hardwoods, stains, and finishes available.

White oak and red oak are not the same thing. You might have thought so in the past, but there is a definite difference between the two. They are not both just “oak hardwood,” as some might believe. White oak and red oak have different colors.

White oak has a tanner or browner color. Sometimes, it has a light olive hue to it. Rad oak, as the name implies, has more red tones to it. When you select the hardwood that is right for your home, consider the color that would match it best. We find that many customers like the olive brown color of white more than the red oak. This is especially true for oak floors that will not have any stain put on them.

White oak is a hardwood that will take very well to stain. You can change its color, and it will complement any room in your house. It is the type of wood used by hardwood flooring manufacturers the most often for their stained hardwood products.

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An important factor to consider is your lifestyle as you think about what kind of hardwood flooring to get. White oak is somewhat harder than red oak. So if you’re part of a family with children, pets, and/or whose home receives a lot of foot traffic, white oak hardwood would probably be a better choice.

You can find white oak most commonly sold in Quarter or Rift Sawn. This is a vertical grain cut. You can find red oak available in plain sawn, which is flat or cathedral grain.

When you’re ready to install your hardwood floors, whether you go with white oak hardwood flooring or red oak, our professional installers will make it look fantastic. You can count on them to put it down beautifully so that you can enjoy it for years to come.